"When a band can actually make the tiny hairs on your neck stand up, it is fairly certain to say that they have delivered..." vbfashionblog.wordpress.com.

"You don’t hear this kind of passion in a lot of artists..." selloutrecords.blogspot.com

"...full of raw emotion and a trembling hint that they could just as easily break as explode." sleepingbagstudios.ca

"Sprightly Moans manages to surpass my emotional expectations with unique lyrical topics, often bordering on beautiful poetry (and sometimes surpassing the borderline)..." hearthelindie.com

Limited Edition Release. Purchase your copy today before they are all gone. We're not messing around about this. 

Like Jimi Hendrix, Lightning Bolt, The White Stripes, and The Bad Plus getting into a fistfight, Sprightly Moans' music is direct rock and roll that rests uncomfortably above a volcanic litima, not unlike the undercurrent one detects throughout Charles Mingus' excellent catalog. Although the band presents itself through a veneer of typographic stillness and birth-of-the-cool fashion, it nurtures a spark of nihilism that we all yearn for in a rock and roll band; It's music that's ready to throw down, give it all up, and burn everything in sight.